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  • Matt Herder
    New Car Sales Manager

    Our Sales Manager, Matt Herder, has been in the car business almost his whole life.  He started washing cars on his Father's car lot as a teenager and since coming to Chatham Chrysler has done everything from Sales and Leasing, Used Car Manager, Finance Manager and now Sales Manger.  His nickname is "One Eye" due to the fact that he only sees out of one eye!  Which is great for us and for you the customer because sometimes he only sees half of the deal, allowing us to give our customers the best prices ever!  (Sorry Matt).  Seriously though come in and see Matt anytime he loves getting involved and making deals happen!

  • Scott Bishop
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • John Torrieri
    Financial Services Manager

    Our Finance Manager, John Torrieri, has been in the car business for 19 years and in the customer service industry since childbirth.

    With all these years in the same building, some may say he is part of the bricks and mortar but truly it is a testament to his dedication in providing the best overall experience when someone is purchasing their new vehicle.

    John has established great relationships in the banking industry with all his lenders. This guarantees you the most competitive rates, regardless of your credit score, history or situation.
    John looks forward to meeting you and your family when the time comes to purchase your next new or pre-owned vehicle.

    Go Leafs Go!!

  • Luce Cools
    Sales Consultant

    If there were a million-dollar quiz out there for the salesperson who knows Chrysler products the best, Luce would win hands down. Luce has over 52 years experience not only working in the automotive industry, but 52 years working for Chrysler. Chrysler is in Luce's blood, I think he bleeds little RAMs. He loves selling cars and working with you as the customer so much, we can't seem to get him to retire.

    Luce actively works with Crime Stoppers and is even a member on their Board. You thought Superman was one of the first heroes out there? Well guess again, here we have Super Cools.
    When you come to see him, if you don't feel like only talking about cars, Luce is an avid Detroit Lions fan and would love to talk football.

    Give Luce a call today and experience a true dedicator.

  • Wendy Bloomfield
    Sales Consultant

    Hi, my name is Wendy Bloomfield and I have been selling Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge for 20 years this January from this location. I have two boys, Colin and Brandon, who are in their early 20's and I have sold from this dealership most of their lives.  I love this product line and have many loyal customers that have stayed with the Dodge, Jeep product line. We have great mechanics some who have been with me the 20 years. I would love to work with you to show you our vehicles and find the right one for you in your budget. Please do not hesitate, send me an email or give me a call, and I will do what it takes to make the whole process a perfect one.

  • Armando Lucarelli
    Sales Consultant

    Armando joined Chatham Chrysler in December of 2014, new to the industry but ready to learn, develop and grow as a Sales Consultant for an amazing company with and equally impressive product line. Armando has spent over 25 years in customer service and strongly believes in building close personal  relationships with his clients to best serve their needs.

    Prior to Chatham Chrysler Armando spent many years in the restaurant industry where he learned the importance of working hard and providing the best customer satisfaction possible. Later he went on to own his own restaurant and had a personal philosophy that everyone who came to the restaurant were to be treated like guests in his home, this is a philosophy that he believes and practices today and you can be ensured that he will create a warm and relaxed environment from the moment you sit down with him.

    As a passionate and driven business professional Armando works hard to stay at the top off his game, constantly building on his product knowledge to better serve you, but it's not all business. Armando is a sports fan, toy collector, avid investor with an honours Degree from York University in Fine Arts, so you will always have something to talk about with him. When he is not at Chatham Chrysler you may find him wondering the streets of Chatham fighting crime and keeping his fellow citizens safe...some may call him a superhero but to us he's just one of the guys!

    Stop in and have a chat with Armando, he's your friend in the automotive industry! 

  • Jennifer Dykema
    Sales Consultant

    Jennifer has over 22 years experience working in Customer Service, and have been working in the automotive industry for over 4 years. She loves working with any customer, whether you're a new customer or have been with us for years, she welcomes everyone with a warming smile, and will do all that is possible to make your experience at Chatham Chrysler a perfect one. When people expect "Service with a Smile" they are thinking about her, so whether you are having a good day or a bad one, she will turn that frown upside down.

    Come on in and see her for your vehicle purchase, she eagerly waits for you.

  • Jade Deryck

  • Doug Paling

  • Payden Barker
    Lot Attendant

  • Clarke Warner
    Sales Driver